How to record radio broadcasts

This tutorial points out how you can record an Internet radio broadcast. By Internet broadcasts, we mean any sound recorded by a PC spending a program consisting of Real Player, Windows Media Player, iTunes and so on. that originates from the Internet. This is also named streaming audio or Internet radio broadcasts.  Everything in this tutorial practices as playing a local file (conversion by re-recording) as well. Total Recorder Professional and Video Pro Editions help you capture (background record) and play back Internet broadcasts in MP3, WMA, as well as Ogg Vorbis formats with not decoding or re-encoding. Please mention to our website tutorials for more details on background recording of audio and video streaming. It is suggested you spend this method for recording of Internet broadcasts or Internet radio.


As recording of an Internet stream in Background Recording mode is available, you achieve the required task in one of the following techniques:

  • Spending entire Recorder’s driver
  • Spendigng a soundboard’s loop-back line
  • Technique 1 – Spending entire Recorder’s driver.

This is the great technique. It is the most accurate method since the sound is captured truly way it is get by the sound board driver. Take the following methods for recording a broadcast stream spending this technique:

  • Begin entire Recorder.
  • Click the Recording Source and Parameters button
  • Choose Software.


In the Recording format section, press the Change button:

As you would like to keep the captured sound “as is”, clear the Convert audio format to the one specified below testing box, click OK twice, and go to step 7. The sound will be saved as an uncompressed wave information with the initial parameters (i.e. the sound format being sent to the sound board). This is suggested as you would like to edit the captured sound or convert it in more than one method (for instance, put it onto an audio CD or into a portable music player like an iPod). It is not usually practical to store such files for a long time because they will take up a lot of disk space.


How to secretly win  ToTo4D live in Malaysia

Playing lotteries, especially TOTO 4D, is now becoming more and more popular, lottery agents including online and land-based to appear around the world. Of course you know that the lottery results are randomly selected, but there are so many people who thank the Malaysian TOTO 4D Math. In this article, I would like to introduce you to two more lucky men and methods for applying TOTO 4D to the mathematical operation of winning more games.

Many people remember winning lottery tickets, including TOTO 4D games depending on luck more than skill, but if you still think so, you can not find or create ways to win your lottery game. The following example studies to increase your chance of winning the TOTO 4D in Malaysia.

There are a lot of pick winning numbers of the secret, you can not know. So, as we get more ways, you will find winning 4d result malaysia today live is so easy.


The frame wins the big Lotto and Richard Lustig selak

Selak-style frame was one of Croatia’s most famous music teachers known as the luckiest man he ever escaped a serious accident seven times more than 30 years. There were dozens of people killed in the collision, but no one knew about certain aspects of his ability to survive and play lotteries when they even won prizes. So when he won $ 111 million in the lottery, no one was really surprised, because they believed that they were lucky. But you know that luck only accounts for one hundred and seventy-five hundred million of your win, you need a lottery system and certain methods to make sure you win your lottery game.

This is Richard Lustig, a normal person with the system proved and won the TOTO4D live seven top prizes. Lustig said he used the system. He claims that the lottery winner’s choice is a strategy, not luck. Below I will provide my free system.

How to win CART Malaysia 4D more than a million words?

For those who find themselves unlucky, their triumph must be built on solid institutions and special math operations leading to their triumph. In fact, it’s hard to refute that because there are so many people like Richard Lustig Selk-style framing who continue to win promotion and the fact that they have a proven system Malaysia 4dtoto play. As I mentioned above, Richard Lustig is a famous man in the lottery system when he won seven top prizes and has won numerous awards for small and medium sized. His advice uses related mathematical operations that occur in everyday life. This means that you have to search for lottery results and use mathematics to find the winning numbers of 4D TOTO Malaysia and Singapore.

Lottery Malaysia’s Secret

I saw the great victory of Richard Lustig, who taught mathematics, and I can confirm that it is a hidden system that has been hidden. Look for it. First, review past Universal 4D results and use past winners to use lottery systems. Second, make sure to use the accident-specific numbers in your life as the days after the accident, the year of the accident, the license plate number.


Reasons to Check 4D Past Results Right Now

If you’re the one who play lotteries then you must know that how difficult it’s to predict a number to purchase. As an Malaysia, Toto4D live lottery is most essential lottery game for me because it is legal whilst there are more opportunities to win in 4D lottery as compare to other because you have to pick a lottery number of 4 digits from 0000 to 9999.

You need to consider so many different factors, apply many strategies containing methods and formulas like delta to come up with a unique n umber of lottery which has most opportunities to win. These’re some basic rules some people use to predict lottery numbers but there is also a favored way to pick an online lottery number which is based on past outcomes of draw. Yes, a winning number could help you to win in future or at least you can end up your search of a golden number by using past results of lottery.


Like me and other gamers in Singapore and Malaysia always have a look at 4D past result because its help us to predict or number for future draws. And this isn’t the only reason of past results of 4D, Toto 4D past result or magnum 4D past results but there’re many other reasons to check 4D past results like:

The first reason: 4D past results help to foretell a lottery number

This’s the most reason why people has always look at 4Dtoto past result. Prediction does not actually work all the time but would help you to come up with a unique lottery number.

Some people simply purchased these numbers on the bases of Magnum 4D past result which are being winning promptly or the series of numbers which are winning while some players simply ignore the past result of 4D and more likely to rely on more previous results to foretell a lottery number for 4D result malaysia today live.


The second reason: By looking at Magnum 4D past result you can know how does draw works:

This is for newbie and those who hasn’t much experience how does lottery draws work. If you look at the Toto 4D past results, you can easily know that how does computer system choose the winner.

What is the different between 2 winning numbers, which numbers or digits are being chosen most frequently in draw and which numbers are being selected least so they could ignore them when they are foretelling 4D number for themselves. A performance of draw could help you foretell a number (again like reason number 1).

The third reason: toto4d past results help to pick a number

For many people predicting a number for 4D lottery isn’t easy due to many reasons like they are new to lottery games so by looking at toto 4D past result its help them to pick a number. They simply purchase a number which is already won or simply ignore them etc.


Avicii on the final show

The Swedish DJ says he is made the right decision…Avicii played his final live show at Ushuaïa Ibiza on Sunday (28th August), after declaring that he would retire from touring in a lengthy post on his web in March. This has been our journey together. Avicii actually shared that he would honour all days of his 2016 tour before retiring, but was forced to cancel his 2016 Las Vegas presentation because of “personal reasons” in May.The decision I made might seem odd to some but everybody is different and for me this was the right one.


Avicii initially said that he would honour all days of his 2016 tour before retiring, but was forced to cancel his 2016 Las Vegas residency because of “personal reasons” in October. Before that declaration, Avicii announced as well that he is working on a new album in April, which the Swedish DJ said will consist of unreleased works produced over the course of his career. It is the end of an era in Avicii’s job. The last line in his live show chapter has been written, the page has turned. However, the Swedish DJ is still looking back on the way. He currently took to Instagram to reflect on that final show in Ushuaia on the island of Ibiza, and he promised lovers he is far from finishing in the music sector.


Avicii Officially Retires From Touring. We will maybe see even more music from Avicii in the months to come. This Sunday was my last performance. But far from my last days in the world of music. Making music is what makes me happy and I have gotten to know so many great fans in my days of touring, seen so many amazing shows and created endless of good feelings. The decision I made might seem odd to some but you are different and for me this was the right one. Thank you to all my fans, my friends and family and everybody in the aviciicrew. This has been our journey together.

What is Philosophy and a Philosophy Definition?

As complex as the modern world has become, it seems probably that most of what surrounds us is absolutely the result of the old practice of philosophy. Everything from the structure of democratic states to due process of law, from a physician’s Hippocratic oath to PC software, has its roots in philosophy. Unfortunately, philosophy as a course of study is not happening from our country’s colleges, but its focus on analytical thinking and problem solving is more vitally crucial these days than ever.


Philosophy is an academic discipline that practices reason and logic in an effort to understand reality and answer fundamental wonders about knowledge, life, morality and human nature. As complex as the modern world has become, it seems probably that most of what surrounds us is absolutely the result of the old practice of philosophy. Philosophers make an effort to answer such questions through the philosophical way. Through the ages, philosophers have looked to answer such questions as, what is the meaning and target of life? How do we know what we understand? Does God exist? What does it mean to possess consciousness? So, what is the value of morals?


Philosophers make an effort to answer such questions through the philosophical way. The way sometimes starts when a philosopher examines his own faiths and starts to doubt their validity. From his doubt, questions get. Before answering a wonder, the philosopher thoroughly analyzes it to make sure it is clearly and properly defined. This supports narrow the path to the most precise answer. Hence, the philosopher proposes available answers to the question and suppliers reasoned arguments to support each one. The arguments are hence critiqued by other philosophers, who may give rebuttals. By this process of criticism and judgment, known as dialectic, philosophers make an effort to improve the rationality of their beliefs and explore the fundamental truths.

2016 Entertainment and Media Industry Trends

To survive the rapid transition to a direct – to – customer future, firms across the E&M sector need an effective lover – centric plans — or risk reduce and irrelevance. A few recent, seemingly disparate, events illuminate the seismic shifts happening in entertainment and media (E&M). When basketball superstar Kobe Bryant announced his job from the NBA on November 29, 2015, it happened not on a major sports network but through social media and the Users’ Tribune, an athlete-centric digital publisher.

Media Industry Trends

That same period, CBS — which like NBC, FOX, and ABC is trying to develop viewership outside of traditional pay-TV — announced strategies to revive Star Trek, one of its best-known franchises for media industry, exclusively on CBS All Access, its new subscription video on-demand service. Fox announced it will no longer track same-day TV rankings; rather, it will report on program viewership happening after three and seven days, responding to the prevalence of on-demand viewing.

Media Industry Trends

Mobile operators such as AT&T and Sprint responded to spenders’ surging demand for streaming video by emphasizing their unlimited wireless information servings in their marketing and subscriber acquisition attempts. And some of the hottest-selling presents in the holiday season of 2015 were streaming video app and smartphones. These growths foreshadow the E&M industry’s rapid transition to a direct-to-users world, where most content will remain the same — at first, anyway — however, the packaging and distribution will alter significantly.

Media Industry Trends

Specifically, the expansion of digital industry, manifested in more ubiquitous fixed and wireless network relation enabling developing digits of connected devices and new routes to the spenders, is altering the industry’s structure, driving new methods to create, distribute, and monetize content across its landscape. Providers can more readily pursue chances outside traditional studios and distribution channels. Spenders have far more content to select from, accessible to them at any time, in any mix, through many more delivery choices and devices.

Media Industry Trends

In every corner of E&M, empowered spenders are gravitating to brands, experiences, and stages that are different as much by the quality of their happiness, customization, and convenience as by the quality of their content in media industry.

Performing arts

Performing arts (consisting of traditional music, dance and theatre)


The performing arts arrange from vocal and instrumental performance, dance and theatre to pantomime, sung verse and more. They consist of various cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and that are found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains as well.

Performing arts

Urtiin Duu, traditional folk long song

Music is probably the most universal of the performing arts and is seeked in every society, most frequent as an integral part of other performing art concepts and other domains of intangible cultural heritage consisting of rituals, festive events or oral traditions. It can be looked in the most diverse concepts: sacred or profane, classical or common, closely related to work or entertainment. There likely be a political or economic dimension to music as well: it can recount a community’s history, sing the praises of a powerful individual and have a main role in economic transactions. The occasions on which music is created are only as varied: marriages, funerals, rituals and initiations, festivities, all sorts of entertainment as well as many other social concepts.


Performing arts Dance, though very complex, may be illustrated simply as ordered bodily movements, sometimes performed to music. Apart form its physical aspect, the rhythmic trends, steps and gestures of dance sometimes express a sentiment or mood or illustrate a specific event or daily act, consisting of religious dances and those representing hunting, warfare or sexual activity.

Performing arts

Traditional theatre performances sometimes go with acting, singing, dance and music, dialogue, narration or recitation but maybe also include puppetry or pantomime. These arts, nevetheless, are more than simply ‘performances’ for an audience; they may also get important roles in culture and society including songs sung whilst carrying out agricultural work or music that is part of a ritual. In a more amazing mixture, lullabies are often sung to help a baby sleep.

A glimpse at Vietnam Art and Literature

Vietnam art and literature have booked many characteristically Vietnamese physiognomies though prejudiced by Chinese and Western culture. These features are obviously shown in literature, architectures, fine arts, performing arts, and old-style music. Vietnam art and literature retain an abundant and time-honored history. Even though deeply prejudiced by Chinese and Western culture, Vietnam still retains its single multiple identities.


Ancient books of Vietnam literature

Antique books of Vietnam literature – Source: Double from Wikimedia Commons. Like literature in other republics around the world, Vietnam literature consists of two parts, namely folk and written literature. Folk literature is spoken literature; meanwhile, written literature includes kanji, “Nom writing” (Nom letters) and “National writing” (national language) literature. Vietnam folk literature is fairly plentiful and diverse. To preserve precious national civilizations, to converse life experiences, manufacturing involvements of Vietnamese cohorts, an informal oral folk literature was born and passed down from group to generation in Vietnam. It insists of legends of ethnic minorities, epics of E De ethnic persons, folklores of the Vietnamese, fairies, fables, jokes, proverbs, and folk songs….Folk literature often praises talents and the courage of persons against the harsh nature, praises the kindness, kindness to assistance each other, praises the love between men and women, faithful spouses, admirations to love people, the nature, and community neighbors.


In Vietnam written literature, kanji and “Nom writing” (Nom letters) literature had been used for a long time. Oldest literary everything still remaining nowadays were collected in 11th century with the theme of praising the beauty of the nature and humanoid. From 13th century many works on history, geography and place in kanji letters were appeared. Then, as soon as the system of Nom letters fully completed in 13th century, many literary everything written in Nom literatures were unceasingly born. Earliest works in Nom letters left today had to name poems of Nguyen Trai, Doan Thi Diem, Ho Xuan Huong and specially the Story of Kieu by Nguyen Du.

Spend psychic powers to select winning Toto 4D lucky numbers

I am frequently asked by my groups how I managed to win the lottery, and the response typically surprises them! My win, although not huge by contemporary standards, was achieved with very little effort, and almost no expenditure. The secret? By the psychic powers we all have so as to forecast the winning Toto 4D lucky numbers.

toto 4d lucky number

The method is modest, and easy to usage, and should work just as well for you as it functioned for me. After all, there is no control on psychic talents! First, you need to get hold of a vertical weight. This can be a simple piece of lead, or an elaborate crystal – it is up to you as the actual physical is irrelevant. You will also need some cord, some paper, and a pen. Scissors might also come in handy.

toto 4d lucky number

Make a weight by attaching the plumb weight to the thread. Write out all 49 lottery numbers on the paper (tip – try a 7 x 7 ‘grid’ – this will make it calmer to cut them out later! i.e. on the first line write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 on the second write 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and so on). Cut out the informations into little squares, and place they face down on a smooth surface – your coffee table, for instance. Make sure they are well separated (at least a couple of inches between informations).

Now you necessity shuffle up the numbers, so you don’t deliberately know which one is which. This is a very significant step, so don’t supervise it. Next we are going to ‘quench’ for the informations that will win the very next 4dtoto . The basics, of this method, of course, go way back. At what time I was a little girl, after the War, I recall a friend of my father’s coming round to quench for a source of water in the bungalow we had just occupied. I watched fascinated as he walked back and forward, with a combine of hazel twigs, until suddenly, they jerked together, and he said “Here”.

toto 4d lucky number

After my father and his brothers dug down, unquestionable enough, there was an underground springtime, and we built a well there that helped us for many years until we left the cottage as soon as I was a teenager. Back to the weight dowsing. Ensure the room is quiet and dark, and that there are no interruptions. Hold the plotline over the first number and try to ’empty your mind’ of everything but thoughts of the lottery draw, and the spheres coming out of the machine. Don’t think about anything else, impartial concentrate on the balls. Don’t worry, don’t fret or straining, just ‘be’. The weight will in most cases, hang there, swaying gently from side to side. After a minute or so, if the pendulum is basically oscillating like that, move on to the next number. Finally, you will be holding the pendulum over one of the informations, and it will start to rotate. This revolution may be clockwise or counter clockwise, but it will certainly be rotation.

toto 4d lucky number

You can even ‘test’ this if you don’t trust it – move to the side of the table, then try the same portion of paper again. You will get the same revolution. Eliminate the piece of paper to the side Toto 4D lucky numbers, but DON’T TURN IT OVER YET. Recurrence until you have your six ‘picks’ for the draw. Formerly, and only then can you turn the papers over to see what numbers have been chosen for you? A little practice, and you will be amazed at how often you start to ‘winner’ winning numbers. Who knows, if your heart is pure, and your meanings are good, you might even win as big as I did!

Old Time Radio

The radio has been the first expedient to allow for mass message. It has enabled material to be moved far and wide, not only countrywide wide but internationally as well. The growth of the radio instigated in 1893 with Nikolai Tesla’s protest of wireless radio message in St. Louis, Missouri. His exertion laid the substance for those later experts who worked to flawless the radio we now use. The man most allied with the advent of the radio is Marconi, who in 1986 was gave the official clear for the radio by the British Government.


The initial uses of the radio were mostly for maintaining interaction between ships out a sea. Though, this initial radio was unable to convey speech, and instead sent Morse code mails back and forth between vessels and stations on the land. Throughout time of distress, a dipping ship would use a radio messaged nearby vessels and stations on the land to ask for aid. The radio saw a surge of use during the First World War. Both flanks used the radio to relay mails to troops and top officials as well as persons not on the battle front. At the end of the war, President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points was sent to Germany via usage of the radio. After the war’s end, with the development of radio receivers, distribution began in Europe and The United States.


Europe’s most well-known broadcasting position, the British Broadcasting Company or BBC, instigated following in 1922. In fact, Marconi was one of the establishment members along with other protuberant leaders in the field of wireless builders. Broadcasts began locally in London, but by 1925 it has spread to most of the United Kingdom. The station aired plays, traditional music and variety programs. Though, the newspaper industry upheld a strong hold over the new. In 1926 this all changed due to a paper strike in England. With no news being available it fell on the BBC to supply the statistics for the public. In 1927 the BBC became the British Broadcasting Corporation when it was granted it a Royal Charter. After the Second World War began all the television stations shut down and it fell on the bears of the radio to cover the war.

Something interesting about EDM – House

Well-known Artists: Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta

Tempo: 120-130bpm

Entire books have been written about the history and creation of House music, and it is a currently evolving and mutating sound that has so many different things, and has so thoroughly permeated both dance and mainstream music that there is no precise information. Suffice to say, the sound was created in Chicago in the early 80’s, taking effects from the percussion found in the highly common disco music of the day, as typical producers based their tracks around a repetitive rhythm. And that’s what House all comes down to, and what all soundtracks are built around – a repetitive 4/4 beat (which you might also hear showed as “four to the floor”). Sound-wise all this means is that there is a kick drum on each beat, which is sometimes accomplished by a snare or clap on the second and fourth beat of every bar, and various hi-hat patterns filling out the rest of the soundtrack.


When House music became a part of the world, and a multiplicity of sub-genres sprung up, this original soundtrack has had all manner of synths, melodies, vocals and even rapping laid over it, however, the basic providers of House music, and it’s effect on much recent Top 40 music remain simple to hear if you distinguish what you’re looking for. Just attend out for that crisp 4/4 kick behind everything, which often drops out as the track builds up to a swelling, and then comes back in bigger and louder as everyone waves their hands in the air and has a good old gathering. All manufacturers and DJs have a lot to thank House music for, as it opened the door for normal acceptance of EDM, and is general still the most general from of dance music – just take a look at centenary line-ups across the world, or ask the millions of people who drove to Ibiza every year!

Music – The food for your soul

Music has always been mentioned to as food for the soul; it brings a soothing and calming feeling to the listener. Music has been explored to work on the autonomic nervous program that is the part of the nervous system available for controlling our blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function, consisting of the limbic system which is the part of the brain that feelings and emotions in humans. According to one piece of research, both these systems react sensitively to the sound of music.


illustration of music background in doodle style

There happens to be a variety of music genres from the jazz to Metallica and blues, reggae, country, etc. As slow rhythms of many concepts of these genres are played, our blood pressure and heartbeat slow down and this in turn helps us breathe more slowly, hence declining the muscle tension in our neck, shoulders, stomach and back. Experts say that except from physical tension, music decreases psychological tension in our mind as it imposes a calming effect upon the listener as well.


In the other hand, as we feel typical emotions such as sad, we tend to be frightened, frustrated and angry which makes us tense up a large number of muscles in our body. Listening to good music on a frequent basis supports our bodies relax physically and mentally, hence supporting to relieve and ignoring extreme stress. In this report we will take a look at some soundtracks of songs from different genres of music that are ensured to lighten up your mood and make you feel good. Let’s enjoy your music.

Monsoon 2016

    Monsoon Music Festival (MMF) was held for the first time in Vietnam in 2014. This is probably one of the most concerned musical festivals by Vietnamese youth recent years. It has become an especially spiritual food for Vietnamese people as well as foreigners in Vietnam. Do not stop at bringing a quality product with its true sense, MMF is also placed in the international position. It is because that it is regarded as the cultural product of the community with high professional quality and organization capacity. MMF has improved and distributed greatly to the innovation of the musical life in Vietnam. Moreover, it has also promote imagine of Vietnam, especially Hanoi – the city of interface between traditional and modern art. Thereby, it will distribute to development of Hanoi tourism.


    The MMF through the last two years 2014 and 2015 has been enthusiastically welcomed by the public. Moreover, it has been highly appreciated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Media Professionals. Keep moving from those successes, MMF is going to be held from Oct 21 to Oct 23, 2016 in the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. The festival theme is “Traffic Culture”. The program will include performances of well-known domestic and international artists from UK, Denmark and many other nations. They play some types of music consisting of Pop, Rock, Jazz, World, EDM, Soul, R&B and so on. The festival promises to bring a unique musical feast and meaningful to the community in the near future. MMF 2016 has continued to release 100% e-ticketing with different kinds of prices: Tickets priority, normal tickets, ticket each day performing event and whole Festival tickets combo. The MMF 2016 will start tickets on sale from Aug 17 to Sep 15 with deals and normal price for the following days.





次のオフィスはここよりも広く、出来れば設備も新しいところが良いな と思いネットでオフィスに関して調べていました。

場所は同じ地区内で問題はないと考えて様々なオフィスの間取りや不動産のサイトを見ていたのですが、何せ仕事の片手間でやっているので中々良さそうなところを見つける事 は出来ません。




次の日 にはその条件に合った賃貸オフィスを紹介してくれたのです!こんなに早く見つけてきてくれるのだなとスピーディな対応にも驚きましたが、不動産の対応も凄く親切でした。

気になる賃貸オフィスがあったので仕事が落ち着き 次第、内見したいです。




そんな優良物件に会う事が出来たのもある不動産のサイト のおかげなのです。


色々な不動産のサイトを見ながら検索していくと、不動産会社自らが賃貸 オフィスを探してきてくれて、それを紹介してくれるというサイトがありました。



するとすぐに返事が来て、いくつかの物件を紹介してく れました。


まだ小さく事務所兼、店舗ですがこれからどんどん大きくしていきたいです 。